Grant to improve quality of life

Earlier this month, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine visited Washington County to announce a $10 million grant for the Devola Sewer Project.

Thanks to a new water infrastructure initiative, Ohio BUILDS, we will finish the work necessary to comply with the Ohio EPA Director’s Final Findings and Orders (DFFO), extending the availability of sewer services to 563 homes within the DFFO boundary.

Funded by the Ohio General Assembly as part of House Bill 168, the grant enables us to reduce the financial burden on our citizens for sewer improvements, and it allows local government to free up funding for projects elsewhere in the County.

This grant demonstrates an interest among our state leaders — Governor DeWine, Representatives Don Jones and Jay Edwards, and Senator Frank Hoagland — in improving the quality of life in Ohio’s rural communities.

Kevin Ritter, President, Washington County Bd. of Commissioners

Jamie Booth, Washington County Commissioner

Charlie Schilling, Washington County Commissioner

Roger Wright, Washington County Engineer

Joe White, Washington County Wastewater Superintendent


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