Thankful for President Biden

I am one of 81,283,098 who voted for Mr. Biden to be our president. When I voted for him I knew he was not perfect because he is a member of the human race. Knowing that, I knew he would make mistakes and errors but that he would try with all he had to help the people of the United States.

As we approach the first Thanksgiving of his validly elected term as the 46th president of the United States, home of the free and brave, I am thankful for a man who has had the courage to join the Paris agreement, the courage to end the longest war, the guts to impose mandates to protect the citizens of our country and the world with vaccines and wearing masks.

As a senior citizen with underlying health conditions, I am truly grateful for the vaccine that was developed by scientists over the years, not a president. President Biden does not want to just protect citizens of our country but wants to share with underdeveloped countries as well.

I am thankful that this man has the courage to get up every morning and work to clean up a mess that he inherited. When he was running for the presidency, I thought that anyone who wanted that job truly loved our country and wanted to work to make this a more perfect union. I am thankful for his honesty, his running the country without all the drama.

I am thankful that the infrastructure bill is near his desk. I am hopeful that the House of the people and the Senate will hand him the Build Back Better Bill to help the mothers and fathers have affordable child care, that seniors will be able to afford their medications and have affordable elder care. I look forward to a world run on renewable energy and the elimination of fossil fuel pollution. I can’t wait to get my first electric car.

Margaret Meeker



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