Left has it wrong on overturning Roe

As Roe becomes a central issue in the news recently, it is important to clear up some of the confusion that the left has created in this national discussion. Unfortunately, fringe feminists have convinced the American public that a change in Roe would outlaw abortion from Maine to Hawaii without exception.

In fact, the correction of Roe would simply restore the authority of state governments to legislate.

In 1973, the Supreme Court usurped the power of elected state legislators and put itself at the heart of the abortion debate. Rather than allow legislatures to do as they had done for two centuries in making their own abortion laws, they decided that they knew better. In doing so, they eliminated the power of the American people to be directly involved with this issue. Currently, the Supreme Court will not even allow states to ban partial-birth abortion, a restriction supported by over eighty percent of the American people.

If Roe were corrected, some states would restrict abortion. Others would not. Those concerned with the issue could argue it at the state level, where the debate is much closer to the people than in Mordor on the Potomac, Washington D.C.

It is time for Christians to make sure their voice is heard and support the overturn of the judicial tyranny imposed by Roe.


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