O’Conner did the right thing

Likely it is because the county commissioner is unopposed in both the primary and general elections that he made such misleading, complaining statements to Marietta Times reporter Michele Newbanks.

That commissioner, named Ritter, incorrectly named Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court, Maureen O’Conner for the need of two primaries this year. That claim is absolutely false. The entire Republican party of Ohio has been having a temper tantrum shrieking about their fellow Republican, O’Conner for upholding the state constitution.

We Ohioans, with 71% of votes, in 2015 put into our constitution that voter district maps must be non-partisan. The Chief Justice of Ohio joined three Democrats simply to do what is constitutionally required. It is also correct.

This Washington County commissioner, Ritter, is simply showing us why he should never hold any office.


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