Right could be reversed

Thanks to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, 50 years of reproductive rights for women are about to be reversed. It looks like our right-wing Supreme Court will now dictate to women, especially disadvantaged women with limited resources, all things concerning pregnancy — even when a pregnancy is forced upon them.

Mitch McConnell stopped Barack Obama from appointing a Supreme Court justice when he had almost a year left in office. Donald Trump then appointed the next two justices and when he only had days left in office, Mitch McConnell hurried through his third Supreme Court justice. Talk about a “packed” court and an unfair process!

Republican presidents, starting with Reagan, have been courting the “religious right” for quite some time although their wives have quietly supported Roe v. Wade. Now we have the prospect of having a patchwork of abortion laws across the country and women might lose their access to contraception as well.

Most Americans believe that abortion should be rare but legal. If the Republicans truly care that much about the unborn, why do they resist the efforts of Democrats to expand health care to those without.

That’s why the United States has such a dismal record compared to other industrialized countries when it comes to healthcare, childbirth complications and fatalities for both mothers and babies.

Other industrialized countries give new mothers generous time off from work when they have a child. We would not have our present crisis with infant formula if new mothers could stay home and breastfeed instead of having to rely on a poor substitute for mother’s milk.

The Republicans are on the wrong side when it comes to reversing Roe v. Wade, not to mention contraception. I hope every woman and man will vote in up-coming elections and select the candidates that will uphold Roe v. Wade in every state — reproductive decisions that should only be made by a woman and her doctor.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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