Serving those who serve us

The Legacy of Honor, a 501c3 organization whose mission is to serve our active military, veterans, first responders and their families in whatever way is needed is pleased to provide information onveterans and their families who were assisted over this Memorial Day weekend.

Marty and Heather Briggs and among their daughters is Chelsea are being assisted this week by volunteers of Legacy of Honor and some very special local businesses who came alongside to assist in the project.

Chelsea was born with medical issues that caused her to struggle most of her life but even though she was given the title of disabled, she never accepted that and was very active in many ways within her community.

Sadly, Chelsea was made very ill by COVID and since her hospitalization, she is no longer able to function on her own in any capacity.

The Briggs’ home is a kind of split-level house that has made it impossible for private ambulance services to get Chelsea out of the house for her medical appointments and since returning from the hospital, she has not been able to be outside for any time to just enjoy fresh air.

After consultation with persons in construction and aware of the specific requirements for ADA, the Legacy of Honor team made up of all volunteers was able to develop a deck to ramp plan that would come off the main floor of the home, replacing windows with french doors to give access to the special gurney Chelsea must use to a deck with a ramp that would eventually end at the driveway pad.

When completed, Chelsea will be able to be wheeled onto the deck to enjoy the out of doors and her access to transport vans will be made completely possible. A group of all volunteers will be working through the Memorial Day weekend and the week following to complete the task. Legacy of Honor is still looking for a concrete company willing to pour a small pad about 8 feet square at the base of the ramp.

Locally, Carter Lumber and Provia Windows have been integral in getting the supplies and the volunteer laborers have been incredible. More donations are needed to cover the final cost of the projects well as finding a company to pour the concrete pad.

Marty was a U.S. Navy veteran, his father a WW2 veteran who died in 1998 and Marty had an uncle who was a pilot shot down and killed during WWII. Work will continue throughout the Memorial Day week and volunteers are welcome. Please call 330-871-4692, talk with Suzanne and she can provide details. A second veteran family also received assistance by volunteers from Legacy of Honor, J Dog Junk Removal and Hauling a Veteran Owned and Operated Company whose workers helped to install a flag pole and flag at the one of Gail Kalpac, the widow of U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran Michael Kalpac of North Canton. Michael had installed a flagpole at their home and was very proud of it and was meticulous about the care of the flag and the etiquette involved in its care.

Shortly after he passed away, a nasty storm came through and destroyed the flagpole. Reaching out to Legacy of Honor, our volunteer staff was pleased to work with Online Stores Incorporated,who provided a flagpole and flag at no cost to Mrs. Kalpac. On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, Legacy of Honor volunteers and men from J Dog came together to assemble the flagpole and set it for her. Mrs. Kalpac was the first one to raise her new flag on the pole she believes would have been her husband’s pride and joy.

Legacy of Honor has assisted more than 37families already in 2022, our second year in service. Those numbers nearly double all of the first year, 2021 for assistance to veterans, first responders or their families.

It is seldom a big project like the Briggs’. Often is it small things, a flag pole, a chair modification, lunch or a cup of coffee, a game of chess, transport Mrs. Kalpakraise Old Glory with J Dog employee to a doctor’s appointment or just about anything you can think of.

Legacy of Honor networks with all the local veteran service agencies so as to better serve, not by replacing what they do but helping out by doing the things they cannot do. If you are instersted in learning more, go to www.honorthelegacy.orgor call Legacy’s Vice President of Commenity Engagement, Suzanne Snyder.

Big events are planned for the next few months to help our first responders, vets and their families. Be part of doing something absolutely amazing.

The tears of a widow as she raises a flag in honor of her husband are payment enough for what we do. Legacy of Honor is in need of donors and those willing to invest in the long-term of Legacy of Honor. We have many ways you can do just that. Again, our website will direct you to the right place!

Ross Riggs of Louisville, Ohio.


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