Was it worth it?

Mr. Trump did what you wanted; he appointed three Supreme Court Justices that got rid of Roe although the majority of Americans were happy with Roe. Now we have draconian laws in different states with hospitals and doctors being afraid to deliver the health care that women and girls need. Was it worth it?

Mr. Trump loved the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and still brings it up today even though Hillary was exonerated. Now we have an ex-president who has kept dozens of boxes of government documents and top-secret files for over a year in his private residence. Is he still worth your loyalty and trust?

Mr. Trump is loved by the masses of ordinary folks, but his big tax cut went to big business and the wealthy. And while the rest of us have been suffering during the pandemic, corporations have made huge profits and some of them have paid no tax at all. And yet all the Republicans voted against the Democrats’ 15% minimum tax on the wealthy. Is he still worth your support?

Mr. Trump continues to tell you that he won the 2020 election, and you believe him. This “big lie” is tearing our country apart. Is it worth it? Where is responsible Republican leadership? Is Liz Cheney and a handful of Republicans the only ones with backbones in this country?

I don’t think anyone thought one man could come so close to bringing an end to “The United States of America” and Donald J. Trump is not done yet. Was it worth it and is it still worth it?


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