Sternwheel Festival laughs

There is always some fun to experience at Marietta’s biggest party, the Sternwheel Festival. It is always fun to spot friends one doesn’t see often, yet farther up Front Street is where the biggest laughs in my group happened.

The MAGApublican political party is displaying a banner “Seeking Truth Defending Liberty.” What a joke.

This is the group who claim to be law and order while their candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio calls the traitors who tried to overthrow democracy “patriots.”

The same guy defends his traitorous leader (whom he once vehemently opposed) for stealing secret documents.

In 2016 Donald said, “I love the poorly educated.” These MAGApublicans and their candidate think their policies of anti-women, anti-mass killing gun control and anti-education are agreed to by you and me. They aren’t.

Tom Anderson



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