A legacy of externalized costs

Letters to the Editor

Externalized costs are costs that are generated by one party who benefits but a third party pays for those costs directly or indirectly. The Mid-Ohio Valley is rife with examples of its residents and its lands paying the price while others reap the rewards, from forest harvest in the early ...

FDA needs to stop with the red tape


At least federal regulators recognize the coronavirus pandemic is no time for business as usual. The Food and Drug Administration, in particular, seems to have surgically removed some of the red tape from its process. Friday, the FDA announced it will be permitting emergency use of a new ...

Increasing risk without our consent

Letters to the Editor

Yet again, proposals affecting the health and well-being of everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley are being made without our input. The Army Corps of Engineers is considering a proposal that would expand a docking facility on Route 7 south of Marietta to allow potentially radioactive drilling ...

Give local to make a big impact


For many of us, the past several weeks has been eye-opening in terms of how very fortunate we are. Daily gratitude exercises encouraged as a means of combating the depression and anxiety of adapting to our “new normal” have led quite a few folks to understand just how much they truly have. ...

Board of Elections action comforting


Though it might have thrown some folks for a loop when election results did not immediately become available after the official closing of polls Tuesday evening, the delay is actually a good sign that those in our board of elections offices are doing things by the book. The manner in which ...

Matamoras Minute: School construction

Local Columns

The start of construction for the new school of Matamoras on Broadway was an impressive ceremony. It was Saturday, June 11, 1892 and a cadence of muffled drums sounded. In the time-honored tradition of George Washington the cornerstone was laid by the Matamoras Masonic Lodge No. 374. The ...