Political donations must be revealed


Americans’ right to donate money in support of political candidates and/or causes must never, ever be curbed. That is not to say the public affected by those candidates or causes should be kept in the dark about their supporters. A scandal involving former Ohio House of Representatives ...

Turning the corner

Letters to the Editor

After over three years of hating the man in the oval office and the division that he has come to symbolize, it’s time to move on. Americans who were watching carefully received a glimpse of the nation they could become in 2008 when the first black man was elected president. Barack Obama and ...

The quackeries of a cure for COVID-19

Letters to the Editor

The suggestion from some of your readers that hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19 is interesting, however there is no proof that it works. Many people swear that hydroxychloroquine is effective and it cured them. I have done some research and have discovered some remedies that, in the past, ...

Businesses need to take care of their employees


Small businesses are not always able to invest in their employees the way they would like. There aren’t many Google Campus-esque perks available to Mid-Ohio Valley employees because we aren’t dealing with trillion-dollar companies here. That’s OK, though. We take care of each other, ...

Kids will model their parents if they adhere to mask rules


Given the resistance some folks still feel toward doing the right thing and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it would be easy for local school districts to worry about pressure from parents on the matter, as children of all ages are to wear masks during in-person school this ...

Enough of the violence and lies

Letters to the Editor

The Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump has the power to send in federal troops to areas that are rioting. Rep. Jerry Nadler is telling the people of this country that the riots are myth and mainstream media is parroting information about peaceful protesters. These are indeed troubling ...