How do you reply to tough questions from kids?

Today’s daily news headlines can make parents stop and think, “How do I explains this to the kids?”

Well, there’s no owner’s manual for parents to follow. One person may avoid a topic altogether while another might explain a news story in generalities, skipping the details … for now.

But, rest assured, the day when they will want to know more, lots more, isn’t as far away as you hope.

In the old days we’d be talking about THE BIG TALK with sons and daughters. Nowadays, it could be talking about terrorism, or why a human would open fire on strangers of any age.

Today, the questions from our children can defy explanations, because there are no sensible answers.

All we can do, as parents, is impart as much information as we think those young minds can process and then be ready for the next question about whatever topic is running through their minds.

We urge you to anticipate your child as best as possible so you don’t panic. Stay calm. If you think it may help, get some thoughts from a pastor or someone else whose opinion you value.

And be thankful your son or daughter turned to you for information.