SAR chapters meet for holiday

Pictured, WVU Mountaineer Drum and Fife Corp, from left, Haley Miller, MD, Masters Integrated Marketing; Victoria, MD, Chemistery Major; Nathan Wilson, WV, Fife Major, Music Ed.; Cable Iaz, VA, Fife Major, Music Ed., Jonah Hager, WV, Music Ed.; Logan Kersmorki, PA, Music Ed.; Hanah Lynch, WV, Music; Robert Shamblin, Md, Music Ed.; Chris Little, VA, Music Ed., Abbagail Adeniach, PA, Music Ed.

The Marietta Chapter SAR, Captain James Neal SAR, Blennerhassett Chapter DAR, James Wood Chapter DAR, Marietta Chapter DAR met December 5, 2021, at the Parkersburg Country Club at 1 p.m. for their annual holiday luncheon. Members attending were Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bailey, OH SAR President; Scott Moore, SE OH District Chair, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Moore, Central District VPG; John Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cox, Richard Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fish, NSSAR Genealogist General; Bob Grumbling, Mr. and Mrs. Mark La France, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Orem, Louis Ruf, WV State SAR Registrar; Jeff Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Thomas, Capt. James Neal SAR, Lloyd Cowell, Tony Durm, President; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hatfield, Douglas Pettit, Mr. and Mrs. Jean Yost, Marietta Chapter SAR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denbow, 1st Vice President, Lt. George Ewing SAR; Dan Wilson, Western Reserve SAR; Mary Ellen Hunt, Regent; Cathy Hinkle, Chris Painter, Sandy Wilson, Blennerhassett Chapter DAR; Jane Richards, Regent; Julia Hoffman, Dina Braniff, Cynthia Buskirk, Ruth Callihan, Sandra Cowell. Karlie Lowers, James Wood Chapter DAR; Mary Grubert and guest, Nancy Habel, Barbara Handschumacher, Lili Hill, Susan Hornbeck, Sherry Taylor, Marietta Chapter DAR; Patricia Bills, Regent, Ohio Valley Chapter DAR; and Frances Sharp, George Clinton DAR and guest Coreen Colbert.

Ted Cox, President Capt. James Neal SAR delivered the Welcome. Phil Thomas Chaplain, Capt. James Neal SAR gave the Invocation.

The SAR Color Guard conducted the Presentation of Colors. Rick Cox led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Bob Fish, Capt. James Neal SAR led the SAR Opening Pledge. Mary Ellen Hunt and Cathy Hinkle, Regent and Vice-Regent Blennerhassett DAR led the DAR Opening Ritual. After lunch Greetings were brought from Troy Bailey, President OHSSAR and Jesse Moore NSSAR Central VPG.

The Entertainment was the West Virginia University Drum and Fife Corp under the direction of George R. Willis and founded in 2014. It is a for credit course that teaches the music behind American history. Field music musicians were critically important to communicate to the troops. Important calls were prepare to fire, go for wood, go for water and call soldiers to arm. The drums they use are hand-made rope tension and the fifes have just six holes for 3 or 4 keys. Two tunes they played were The Girl I Left Behind and Yankee Doodle Dandy. The Colonial Army stole Yankee Doodle Dandy from the British because they were playing it to make fun of the Colonial Army.

The SAR held an Installation of Officers.

Photos provided Pictured, James Wood Chapter Members standing from left: Sandra Cowell, Ruth Callihan, Luis Ruf, six family members in James Wood Chapter; Karlyn Lowers, Dina Braniff, Julia Hoffman, Jane Richards, Regent; seated from left, Frances Sharp. Cynthia Buskirk.

This meeting, 250th Event, “The Gaspee Affair,” was the first Naval action of the American Revolution. A British Commander William Dudingston, Commander of the HMS Gaspee was ordered to patrol off the coast of Rhode Island. Dudingston frequently seized the cargo of American Merchants. In June 1772, local citizens of RI decided to end Dudingston’s heavy-handed enforcement. A packet ship, the Hannah, under the command of Captain Lindsey lured the Gaspee into shallow waters where it ran aground. Lindsey reported the Gaspee’s plight to john Brown, Juseph Bucklin and other leaders of Providence. As result volunteers interested in launching an attack were organized, Dudingston was wounded, the crew was removed and the Gaspee was set on fire. In an unexpected turn of events, the local courts brought charges against Dudingston and his men for illegal seizure of goods, rather than those who attacked the Gaspee. When the British Parliament learned of this, they were outraged. As news of the incident spread, it served to further unite the thirteen colonies in their resistance to British Rule.

The SAR Color Gard retired the Colors. Don Brown, VP James Neal SAR led the SAR Closing and Bob Grumbling, Chaplain, PASSAR led the Benediction.


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