Vote ‘no’ to more money from taxpayers’ pockets

There we have it. At the Monday meeting of the Marietta City School Board of Education, treasurer Frank Antill said the school system is facing a continued operating loss through fiscal year 2024. He further states that his forecast assumes that funding from the state will remain flat and that existing levies on the taxpayers of Marietta will be renewed or replaced. So, lets just throw another 5.36 mill levy at the real estate taxpayers of Marietta to build all new buildings and solve our fiscal problems. Not!

The Marietta City School system has showed a steady decline in student enrollment. From 2003 to 2019 our enrollment has decreased by 600 students. I personally feel the main reason parents are pulling their children from the system is the lack of education their students are receiving. The current administration is inept and cannot figure out how to improve our state report card grade above our current grade of “D.”

The current administration has removed a Marietta Middle School history project because it was too hard for our students, even though other districts in the area still have similar projects. I won’t vote for another levy until the current administration is removed or they can figure out how to properly instruct our students. If they cannot get it done with their current staff, then they need to hire qualified teachers that can get it done and quit dumbing-down the curriculum to make it easier for the students.

Lastly, in a recent article, the superintendent stated we will have consolidated schools one way or the other. In the article, it gave us an idea of the jobs that will be lost by non-administrative personnel, but there was no mention as to the sacrifices that will be made at the administration level.

In closing, giving this administration yet more taxpayer money to build all new buildings and consolidate our schools will not improve the quality of education our children will receive. The same inept administration will be running it and the same teachers will be teaching, but only in a more expensive building with a prettier facade and newer smell.

On Nov. 5, vote NO on the proposed Marietta City School levy.

Thomas L. Bogard



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