Remember who changed tax laws for businesses

When Congress voted on its version of the tax plot 13 Republican representatives voted against it. If you live in Washington County your congressguy was not one of the 13.

One of the 13 explained, “I didn’t come to Congress to raise taxes on my constituents.” The guy with an office on Front Street in Marietta did just that. He voted to give enormous sums of money to rich donors and take much of that money from you less wealthy voters.

If you are a smaller business owner you are subsidizing your corporate competitors.

Individual business owners will no longer be able to deduct items such as: biz cards and advertising, continuing education, travel expenses, biz mileage or phone, subscription services or accounting software, home office, tools, uniforms, office supplies. Nothing.

Here is an example of what they are doing to you: Let’s say you are an independent plumber or own a hair cutting shop. You make $30,000 and have $5,000 in biz expenses. Currently you pay taxes on $25K. Under new Republican plan you pay on $30K. Your government takes nearly another one thousand dollars of your money.

This will destroy some small businesses. Please vote in 2018 and remember it is the Republicans who did this to you.

Tom Anderson