Ohio budget includes money for a dozen local projects

Washington County to receive $5.2M for upgrades

The Start Westward Monument and project is expected to get about $500,000 from Ohio’s capital budget, which passed the Ohio House and Senate Wednesday. (File Photo)

More than a dozen local projects will be funded through House Bill 687 if signed by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

The bill contains the capital budget which was passed Wednesday, first through the House with a vote of 82-8, then by the Senate with a vote of 32-0.

The bill calls for spending more than $3 billion on upgrading parks and community projects, along with improving school safety through $100 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Washington County is receiving a total of $5.185 million. Projects to be funded include:

¯ Barker House Stabilization Project – $100,000.

The Ohio River Museum will receive about $3 million from the recently passed capital budget bill. The bill is waiting to be signed by Gov. Mike DeWine. (File Photo)

¯ Peoples Bank Theatre – $25,000.

¯ Ohio River Museum new building – $3 million.

¯ Start Westward Monument – $500,000.

¯ MOV2GO Foundation facility expansion – $50,000.

¯ Washington State Community College – $1.235 million for basic renovations.

¯ Washington County Boys and Girls Club – $175,000.

¯ Anchorage Rehabilitation Phase III – $100,000.

Jean Yost, board member of the Northwest Territory Museum Society, said the $3 million, if bids come in properly for the Ohio River Museum, will begin phase 1 to construct the shell of the building. It will also install the genealogy library and finish meeting rooms.

“We still have to do another phase with the museum itself,” he said.

They were going to try to build around the current facility, but it will cost more than demolishing it and building new. He said they still have to raise money to finish the project. They will have to see the bid results to know how much more is needed.

“We have good projections, but there were cost overruns on the last project,” he said. “It’s been two years of adjusting and readjusting budgets.”

Adam Schwendeman, chairman of the Northwest Territory Museum Society, said the $3 million will be an enormous help.

“We’ll have a capital campaign to raise funds and this will be an enormous help in getting us to our goal,” he said. “We’ll have a private fundraising campaign as well. (The $3 million) will make it that much easier.”

Yost is also part of the group working on the Start Westward Monument and East Muskingum Park. They will receive $500,000 through the capital budget.

“We applied to use it on the memorial and park,” he said. “We have to read the final details of how it was approved because sometimes you apply for a phase, but you need to see what is covered. There are always restrictions.”

The Washington County Historical Society will receive about $100,000 for renovations on The Anchorage.

President Jann Adams said the money will be used to remove the elevator shaft in the front of the building, as well as restoring where the elevator used to be.

“The second part is HVAC for the second floor,” she said. “In a previous grant, we put HVAC on the first floor.”

Noble County is receiving a total of $355,000. Projects include:

¯ Noble County Heritage Park – $250,000.

¯ Caldwell walking track expansion – $55,000.

¯ Caldwell race track upgrades – $50,000.

Morgan County is receiving a total of $134,000. Projects include:

¯ Malta Park improvements – $90,000.

¯ Burr Oak State Park – $44,000.

Monroe is receiving a total of $335,000. Projects include:

¯ Wellness at the Generational Recreation Complex, construction – $200,000.

¯ Woodsfield Monroe Theatre – $135,000

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.


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