School’s out for summer

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School’s out and that brings a huge concern for families and parents. Are you prepared for it? Who will take care of your children while mom and dad are at work? You must prepare to control the devices to prevent your child from getting the wrong information and doing the wrong things. So ...

Prison escapes should not happen


It seems common sense: Prisons are meant to discipline criminals by keeping them locked away from the rest of society. The function of a prison is to keep the inmates, well, imprisoned. But according to a recent Associated Press report, our nation’s minimum-security federal prison facilities ...

Power play won’t be tolerated


Officials in Hong Kong don’t have to dance much around whether their censorship laws are infringing upon citizens’ rights. They can crack down on criticism of Chinese Community Party rule, arrest pro-democracy activists, criminalize calls for independence and even ban films that include ...

Self examination time


Supporters of bills such as Ohio House Bill 322 and 327 are often in the same circles as those who love to wail about “cancel culture” when they believe some of the more vile parts of their “heritage” aren’t receiving the respect they deserve. It is pitiful, then, to watch them push ...

Don’t forget south, east Ohio too


Ohio residents, particularly those of us in coal country, know full well the economy is transitioning around us. What we hope for is that such a transition will not be forced in a way that sacrifices those who spent their lives — powering a nation and feeding their families — in vilified ...

Inconsiderate drivers lead to aggressive behavior


By this point in 2020, there had been 407 deaths on Ohio’s roads. This year there have been 507. So what is to blame for the horrifying increase in the number of deadly traffic crashes: OVI? distracted driving? Not exactly. “A lot of the problems we are dealing with is not only the ...