Cartographers puzzle-y fun

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If your kids enjoy Tetris-like games, they will enjoy Thunderworks Games’ “Cartographers.” Designed by Jordy Adan and illustrated by Lucas Ribeiro, this game uses cards and map drawing sheets. Each player is taking on the role of a cartographer, drawing forests, farming lands, towns, ...

Before You Grow: Mum’s the word

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Chrysanthemums (or Mums, as they are usually called) are one of my favorite flowers, and they add a much needed zing of color when our gardens and landscapes are beginning to fade in the fall. Many changes have happened in the Mum world over the years, offering new varieties and colors each ...

Business growth a good thing


While it is always welcome news when an employer announces it is expanding into the Mid-Ohio Valley, the news is even better when that employer is a home-grown business that is able to give back and invest in its community Monday’s announcement of a planned $8 million to $10 million ...

Hospitals need our help now


How much more hard data will it take to change minds about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, wearing masks, social distancing and generally following best practices to stem the spread of a deadly virus? Desperate to make people understand, the leaders of nine southeast Ohio hospitals and health ...

Women continue to be affected by economic challenges


While the United States continues to fight surges in COVID, businesses struggling and unemployment all at the same time, a reminder has popped up that we as a country still are not doing right by a subsets of citizens — and particularly women within that group. A study from Policy Matters ...

Thank you for another Sternwheel Festival


With the final booms still echoing in ears, the Sternwheel Festival has drawn to a close, putting to bed another year of fun celebrating the iconic boats and the Ohio River. With this being the 45th year of the festival, it’s important to remember that without the work of the Ohio River ...